The CWGC have given great support to the deadication of the pages in memory of those that died in service at these shore bases.  Although most did not die from enemy action all died in the service of their country.

Due to a bombing raid in August 1940 the main Naval Anti-Submarine training base HMS Osprey at Portsmouth was badly damaged. For once wisdom came to their Lordships and it was decided that training should take place in a less vulnerable place. Campbletown in Scotland fitted the bill so the Grammar School was requisitioned and a new set of pupils were moved in, Navy personnel training on ASDIC. HMS Nimrod came into being. Due to the large influx of personnel a new housing estate was also requisitioned for accommodation for HMS Nimrod, this section was given the name of Nimrod- B.
In a very short time Campbeltown was soon to become a Military Base of a great size. It would have in the end HMS Nimrod Anti-submarine training, HMS Landrail  Fleet Air Arm, a Rescue Tug Base also Air/Sea Rescue, plus a boom defence unit.

Due to the large size of the ASDIC training personnel HMS Seahawk at Ardrishaig quickly came into being as a tender to HMS Nimrod.

Officers in charge of HMS Nimrod

06.1940      -          ( ?          )    Cdr R J R Dendy
06.1941      -          ( ?          )    Capt C T Addis
02.1942      -          (08.1943)    Capt. J.W. Farquhar, RN
08.1943      -          (12.1943)    Capt. M.W.St.L. Searle, RN
01.1944      -          (06.1944)    Capt. D.H. Hall-Thompson, RN
04.1945      -          (07.1945)    A/Capt. A.E. Johnston, RN (retd)

 Campbeltown HMS Nimrod
June 1940

84th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine yachts TUSCARORA (Capt E C Stubbs Rtd)
Harbour defence patrol craft - two yachts
Rescue tug - chartered tug ENGLISHMAN

Jan-May 1941

Submarine OTWAY (Lt H R B Newton)
39th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine whalers TERJE I (Sk C Coultas RNR), TERJE II (Ch Sk S G Jinks RNR), TERJE III (Sk J H D Dansic RNR), TOPAZE (Lt Cdr J N Hambley MBE).
84th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine yachts CARINA (Lt Cdr A C G Jolly Rtd), LADY SHAHRAZAD (Lt Cdr D S Hore-Lacy Rtd), SHEMARA (Cdr H Buckle Rtd).
Rescue tugs -TENACITY (Ty Lt (Eng) H L Kerkess RNR), THAMES (Dutch crew),SALVONIA (Ty Lt G M M Robinson   RNR), SCHELDE (Dutch crew) 

June-November 1941

Submarine Tender BREDA (Capt A E Johnston Rtd)   dep Campbeltown 25 Jun,
Dutch torpedo boat Z.5 (Dutch crew) dep Campbeltown 25 Jun.
Submarines H.32 (Lt B G Heslop, Lt P L A B Colombi from 3 Aug) H.31 (Lt R J Hemingway DSC, Lt F B Gibbs from 9 Aug)
French torpedo boats -  LA CORDELIÈRE (Lt A J G Barff   RNR), LA FLORE (Lt Cdr J A Burnett), L'INCOMPRISE (Lt F S Deveson    RNR Rtd) arr Campbeltown 25 June.
39th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers BEDLINGTON (Sk J H D Dansic RNR), BOARHOUND (Ch Sk S G Jinks RNR), BRETWALDA (Sk J Windram RNR), SPANIEL (Sk C Coultas RNR), French L'ATLANTIQUE (Sk A McKay RNR)
84th Anti-Submarine Group -  ST MODWEN (Lt Cdr F J Webster RNR) , SHEMARA (Cdr H Buckie Rtd), VALENA (Lt Cdr A F C Gray RNR).

December 1941-February 1942

Anti-submarine Training Ship - NEMESIS at Campbeltown
39th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers BRETWALDA (ex-ADMINISTRATEUR DE BOURNAT), French L'ATLANTIQUE,  anti-submarine whalers , BOARHOUND (ex-TERJE 2), SPANIEL (ex-TERJE 1),  anti-submarine yacht TUSCARORA (SO, )
84th Anti-Submarine Group - French torpedo boat LA FLORE .
British anti-submarine yachts SHEMARA (SO ) , anti-submarine yacht CARINA.
Boom Defence Vessel - GIRARD.
Rescue Tug Base Ship - MINONA.
Rescue tug Accommodation Ship - VIGILANT.
Submarine Polish - WILK (KdR por B Krawczyk)
Auxzilary Vessels for Flying Training - Drifter OAK APPLE (civilian crew),Naval Aux Boat LANDRAIL.
Torpedo Recovery Vessel - BLUE HAZE

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