Seahawk also had some of the early MASBs (Motor Anti Submarine Boat) as part of it's complement.

I am very grateful to

Geoffrey Hudson, Honorary Historian to the Coastal Forces Veterans Association.
The British Military Powerboat Team 

For the following information.


MASB 1-5        60ft built by The British Power Boat Co Ltd, Hythe [BPB]
MASB 49        61ft built by J Samuel White & Co Ltd, Cowes, IoW [JSW]
The 1st MASB Flotilla formed up between May and July 1939, as the newly accepted MASB 2-5 joined MASB 1 at HMS OSPREY, the Royal Navy's Anti-Submarine Establishment at Portland. MASB 2 and 3 remained at Portland, in the 1st MASB Flotilla, until April 1940, when they were freighted from Southampton to Malta.
By July 1940 MASB 2 and 3 were at Alexandria, Egypt.        They were involved in
patrolling westwards and eastwards from Alexandria and in clearing acoustic mines in the Suez Canal. While employed in this role MASB 3 became a Constructive Total Loss in February 1941. MASB 2 was paid off as unserviceable in July 1942.
During November 1939, MASB 1, 4 and 5, of the 1st MASB Flotilla, transferred to Ardrossan to carry out anti-submarine duties in the Firth of Clyde. They remained there until May 1940, when they moved to Harwich, as part of the 'Anti Invasion Striking Force'. MASB 4 and 5 were both involved in the evacuation from Dunkirk.
By July 1940 the three remaining boats of the 1st MASB Flotilla were back at Portland, where in October they were joined for a short period by the 61ft White built MASB 49. Around November MASB 49 left the 1st MASB Flotilla and transferred to Dover, where she operated in an Air Sea Rescue role. She remained at Dover on ASR, apart from prolonged periods under repair at Cowes and Southampton, until transferred to the RASC in September 1943.
On 1St January 1941 HMS SEAHAWK, the Coastal Forces anti-submarine training base at Ardrishaig, at the head of Loch Gilp, off Loch Fyne, commissioned and the same month MASB 1, 4 and 5 moved there. The 1st MASB Flotilla then ceased to exist.
MASB 1 remained on Anti-submarine training at Ardrishaig until she suffered stern damage in July 1941. The following month she was allocated to Air Sea Rescue duties at Great Yarmouth but, still under repair on the Clyde, does not appear to have moved to Great Yarmouth until November. By January 1942 she had transferred to ASR duty at Lowestoft, but in June approval was given for her to pay off and be dismantled.
MASB 4 was at Ardrishaig until May 1942, when she was refitted at Port Bannatine, Bute. On completion of her refit in July, she transferred to ASR duties at Fleetwood.
She remained there until July 1943, when she sailed for HMS HORNET at Gosport, where she paid off, was stripped of her armament and W/T and, after rectification of engine defects, was handed over to the War Office in September 1943. In February 1944 she was named RASC Vessel YPRES.
MASB 5 served in an Anti-submarine training role at Ardrishaig until the end of October 1942, when she was re-designated C/T 08. As C/T 08 she remained at HMS SEAHAWK for a couple of months before sailing to Poole where, between January and June 1943 she was converted to a Control/Towing boat by The British Power Boat Co Ltd.