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Born in the U.K. in 1947 I grew up with the scars of WWII all around, Spitfires were still flying from a local airdrome. As kids we played war games, the war was a fact of life but we never really knew about it. The movies gave us all of the heroes and the books, comics etc. It was when I started work, making friends with men who had served, some bore scars physical and mental. Poor old Jim, POW on the Burma Railway. Great bloke, helping with the social club Christmas party for the kids, wrapping their presents, suddenly crash bang one toy totally destroyed. Jim had seen "Made In Japan" stamped on it. He just could not handle anything associated with his old enemy, not one of us could blame him.
So many years later, after the death of my Father I started to put together some bits that I thought he would have liked. Slowly the HMS Seahawk web site came into being. Then I found some touching stories that made me think of all of the service people and others who were not heroes, no VC, MC etc. Many died in service but who will remember them now. Who remembers 16 year old Thomas Macdonald, accidentally shot whilst delivering a telegram on the 4th December 1943 near Campbeltown. These people deserve to be remembered just as much as their famous counter parts. That is the reason HMS Seahawk 1941/4 is here. What started out as memory of a single shore base evolved into a memory for many. They gave their lives for our today and tomorrow.
As long as their name is remembered, they will live.
It is all we have to offer for all they gave for us.

John Burchell
Friday 15th July 2011
City Of Shoalhaven

Culburra NSW