There are many people who I owe much to for the existence of this web site.
My Father H.B. Burchell (POMM ML115) for taking me to Ardrishaig in 1960 and then for some memorable holidays back there in the years that followed. Unfortunately he never spoke a great deal about his war service, and the little he did reveal now suffers from my bad memory.

My ever suffering wife for giving me the time to put all this together.

Now in no order what soever I will attempt to include all the other helpful people.

My first contact was Chalky White, unfortunately now deceased and sadly missed.

Anne Skinner. (Daughter of L.S. Tomlinson the coxswain of ML115) who donated many photographs and stories that Lofty had kept all these years.

Janet Penn. Who has a wonderful web site dedicated to Canvey Island. Janet was the moving force behind the recovery of the plaque ML 115 donated to Canvey Island for their War Ship Week contribution.

Gordon Smith. Has supplied much detailed information on shipping movements plus much other relevant information on this site. His site is a fund of knowledge and is a must to visit.

CWGC The Commonwealth War Graves Commission has been a most supportive Government Department. Many thanks to all there who do an excellent job.

Leslie J. Sprigg. Who has constructed a web site that is well worth a visit.

Paul Warrener. Has the web site 19 OTU. The Whitley ditched in Loch Fyne and crew rescued by ML 115 came from that training unit. I have followed the only known crew member of Z9216 but would like to put names to all the other crew members.

RN-Coastal Forces Veterans. Thanks for your help.

John Lambert & Al Ross Their book Allied Coastal Forces Of WWII is an in depth look at the Fairmile Marine Company and the Fairmile Motor Launches.  Also for kind permission to add some of their drawings to this site.

World Naval Ships Forums. Many active people with information.

Secret Scotland. A site well worth a look at.

Michael Gordon-Lennox. Of The Coastal Forces Trust who pointed out my typo of Navel and Naval, (bloody spell checkers and old one finger farts typing, another tot barmen.)

Joan Pope, Robin Norwell, Stewart McLoughlin.

Robert Rushton.
For providing information and a photo gallery for ML 472

D.A. Breen. For his descriptions as seen from the side of a user of the training facilities at HMS Seahawk. His complete story can be found at . Unfortunatly this wonderful story is no longer on the internet.

Harry Burchell. With out who's help this site would not exist. Many thanks son.

Geoffrey Hudson, Honorary Historian to the Coastal Forces Veterans Association.

The British Military Powerboat Team 

Christian Sheppard  

As my faded memory recalls other names I will add to this list, please if I have missed you e-mail me.